Life Extension For Your Pratt & Whitney JT15D Engine.

Can TBO be truly trouble-free? Yes.

Acost-effective solution for aircraft whose engines are approaching TBO. The FLEX (Fanjet Life EXtension) program provides an attractive alternative to engine overhaul, allowing you to safely operate your engines to 5,250 hours. For many legacy aircraft owners, this could mean a decade or more of flying without incurring the substantial expense of engine overhaul or replacement.

The FLEX program extends the useful operating life of your engines up to 5,250 hours depending upon times, cycles and condition of the internal components. Aircraft owners may enroll in the FLEX program at any time up to TBO and in some cases even beyond. Once accepted into the FLEX program, an affordable subscription fee is required.

FLEX Program Benefits

Aside from the obvious financial benefit of avoiding engine overhaul or replacement, Innova’s FLEX program offers additional benefits to legacy Citation owners:

  • Preferential discounted flat rate inspection pricing for FLEX-required Hot Sections, engine inspections, and other aircraft phase inspections.
  • Catastrophic insurance coverage.
  • Preferred access to our deep Citation engine and airframe knowledge base.
  • Representation and support in the event of FAA compliance issues

How does the FLEX Program work?

Early correction of identified problems is the key to long-term health and allows the engine to remain operational in the FLEX program.

The primary requirements of the FLEX program are:

Initial Inspection and Evaluation. Innova will collect the information on your engines along with service history and current condition to determine eligibility and program costs.

This establishes an initial baseline for the present condition of the engine. An AAIP is required to enroll, along with a notice to the FAA informing them that the engine will be maintained per FLEX program specifications.

Required Inspections. Once the engines are enrolled into the FLEX program it will generally require a TBO extension hot section inspection in accordance with the Innova FLEX FAA Approved procedure. Innova can do this inspection in either our facility or yours to make this both convenient and painless. These inspections are flat rated and a part of the FLEX program fees.

Engine Performance Monitoring. Once enrolled in the Innova FLEX program, Engine performance monitoring allows continued evaluation of the engine on a scheduled basis and is designed to detect gradual changes over that time that will help pinpoint problems early.

Oil Analysis. At scheduled time intervals, Innova will provide you with a simple non-invasive kit to take an oil sample to return to us for spectroanalysis. Oil analysis can help detect excessive wear of components and can provide early warnings of deterioration and impending failure of engine parts.

Borescope Inspections. Periodic borescope inspections of the internal parts of the engine hot section and compressor are used to identify engine problems in their early stages and to enable corrective action. The Innova FLEX program utilizes borescope inspection of internal parts without the need to disassemble the engine and can be done in your facility and at your convenience by our mobile service team.

For more detailed information, please contact the program administrator at 1-830-278-4481.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the FLEX program be used by Part 135 operators?

While the FLEX program was primarily designed for US registered FAR Part 91 aircraft we can tailor the program for FAR Part 135 operators as well. Approval would be subject to your FAR Part 135 FSDO & PMI.

Can FLEX inspections (oil sample, borescope) be done by other MRO facilities?

Absolutely. In the case of the taking of oil samples this can even be done by the operator as it is non-invasive and does not require a mechanic to perform. Borescope inspections can be done by Innova in our facilities or by our mobile service teams as well as other 3rd party providers.

What happens if I sell my aircraft? Can the new owner continue the subscription?

The FAA Approval for the FLEX program is specific to each operator and must be resubmitted by a new owner. Innova Aerospace will handle this effort completely for an effortless transition from one owner to the next. Note – there will be a transfer fee involved.

What happens if I choose to remove my engine(s) from the FLEX program?

You may remove your engines from the Innova FLEX program at any time however the TBO would revert back to the Pratt approved limit of 3500 hours.

Is an extension of the TBO safe?

Pratt and Whitney has been offering TBO extensions to fleet operators for years based on the same concepts that Innova Aerospace has incorporated into the FLEX program. Innova has been operating engines in the past under this program with excellent success. When properly maintained and monitored under the Innova FLEX program an operator can be assured of safe operation throughout the extended TBO period.

Will my insurance company approve the FLEX progam?

Innova has worked with many of the industry insurance providers to gain acceptance of the FLEX program. If your insurer is not already on our list we will do the work to gain that acceptance for you as part of our service.

FLEX Pricing and Benefits

The FLEX program extends TBO to 5,250 hours by increasing the frequency and thoroughness of routine engine inspections. The purpose is to find problems in their early stages. These problems can then be corrected promptly. This early correction of potential engine problems supports an FAA-approved increase in the engine overhaul interval.

Funding Schedule:

  1. The evaluation fee includes a very comprehensive review of the engine logs and component histories. From this review, we will provide the client with a % eligibility and a full disclosure of what the costs could be. This fee is non-refundable.
  2. The Program Documents Generation and Submittal fee covers all the work to create an AIP and submit it to the FAA FSDO including in-person visits with the FAA inspector if necessary. The acceptance of the FLEX  AIP is highly conditional upon the individual FSDO office and inspector, and while there is no guarantee, this process has been proven and approved in most of the FAA FSDO’s nationwide. This fee is also not refundable. The LUIP option must be declared in advance of this body of work.
  3. The FLEX Mandated Engine Inspections includes the labor and 100% parts to perform a hot section inspection. This fee does not include any additional parts, rework, inspection, repair or replacement of discrepant parts during the inspection.
  4. Once the AIP is approved the final payment is immediately due. The annual fee to maintain compliance with the FAA is included in the monthly service fee.

Not included in this pricing is:

  • Travel specific to the incorporation of Innova FLEX program on your aircraft and engines. This would include but not be limited to face to face meetings with the FAA or travel to your facility to perform inspections or maintenance
  • Any freight packaging or shipping required during the FLEX life extension maintenance activities
  • Engine parts, repair, overhaul or non-standard supplies associated with the Innova FLEX life extension maintenance activities
  • Any SB or AD compliance required to be eligible under the Innova FLEX program
  • Periodic boroscope inspections  are provided free of charge if done by Innova (travel excluded) however, if done by a 3rd party provider, it would be at the customers’ expense
  • A Transfer Fee of $7,500 is required when the aircraft ownership changes
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